Linux is a fantastic and free alternative to the more commonly used Microsoft Windows, but it currently only has a 1.02% userbase (this fact I can give you for free). In an effort to entice you into giving one of the many Linux distributions a try I’ve compiled a number of interesting facts on the topic which I hope will be of interest. If you haven’t used Linux yet then give it a go. I’m planning an article soon that will outline some of the most popular distributions along with their pros and cons, so keep checking back for that if you want a few ideas of what you should try.

1. Around 90% of the most powerful supercomputers in the world use some form of Linux (446 out of the top 500). Linux is also the primary operating system of the whole top ten in the list of most powerful supercomputers.

2. 33.8% of servers in data centres use Linux compared to only the 7.3% that use Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

3. Most high-profile IT companies use Linux as their main operating system, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

4. According to Oscar-winning director James Cameron, Avatar was the first film shot entirely in 3D applications using free software on Linux machines.

5. Linux is used to power things all around you. Examples of the use of Linux are with Japan’s bullet trains, the New York Stock Exchange, most air traffic control systems and control of nuclear reactors.

6. Many Toyota cars use Linux to power their in-car computers.

7. Ubuntu was the first Linux distribution to be offered by a major OEM (Dell) to desktop users.

8. There are over 300 different distributions of Linux available at present.

9. TiVO uses a customised version of Linux in its hardware.

10. Google Andorid, which is found on many of today’s mobile phones, is based on Linux.

Image Credit: Michal Dočekal