After many months (or even many years) of using your Mac you may notice things going a little bit slower than when you first bought your lovely aluminium machine, but we have a handful of tips here that should get your Mac working a little bit faster.

1. Clear Your Desktop

Believe it or not, clutter on your desktop is going to slow your Mac down. Whether you boot up from scratch or wake your Mac from sleep things are going to go a little bit more slowly if you have a desktop full of files and folders. Either get rid of any unused rubbish on your desktop, move all files and folders from your desktop to your documents folder, or take the easier option and just create a new folder on the desktop and put all of your clutter in there.

2.Install ONYX

ONYX is a brilliant utility that allows you to do all sorts of things to help speed up your Mac, such as clearing Safari’s temporary files and clearing caches. It also checks and verifies your startup disk and files structures. It’s a free utility that is available from the Mac App Store.

3. Reset Your PRAM

Resetting your PRAM should help you reduce the amount of time it is taking you to boot your Mac.  Switch on your Mac and hold down ctrl+alt+P+R – your screen will light up and you’ll hear the “Mac chime” which will repeat several times. After 3 chimes leave go of these keys and your PRAM will be reset and the Mac will boot as usual.

4. Add an SSD Drive

Adding a Solid State Drive into your Mac will certainly get things running at a much quicker pace. While solid state drives still demand a high price it can usually be justified when considering the extra speed that it’ll provide you, especially for system startup. Rather than trying to find a way of doing this yourself we’d probably recommend getting someone with all of the proper kit to fit it for you; either pop to see a Mac reseller or take a visit to your local Apple store.

5. Create A New User Account

As a last resort you could always create a new user account. While this will propose many inconveniences it will certainly help you to reclaim some of that speed that you’ve lost.

Image Credit: samwebster