Picking the right email client has, for me, been a huge pain. After trying scores of different programs I eventually settled with Microsoft Outlook. It may not be everyone’s favourite but it packs all of the features that I want and is able to handle multiple mailboxes better than any other client I have seen. The big bug-bearer for me, though, is that if you have messages going into different folders when they arrive (which you’ve set up through Rules) they won’t display a notification at the bottom of the screen to tell you that you’ve received a new email. While this doesn’t bother me too much for my home emails, it has been a pain at work where I receive hundreds of emails a week and I need them to be organised into folders before I read them. Any mail going to my main inbox displays a new mail notification, but anything going into other folders I am unaware of until I look at Outlook.

1. Open the Rules and Alerts dialog;

  • Outlook 2003 an Outlook 2007
    Tools > Rules and Alerts… (press OK if you get an HTTP warning)
  • Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
    On the Home tab in the Move group click onto Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts…
    Or alternatively, click onto File > Info > Rules and Alerts…

2. Click New Rule.

3. Select “Start from a blank rule” and verify that “Check messages when they arrive” is selected.

4. Press Next to go to the Conditions screen.

5. Verify that no condition is selected and press Next.

6. A warning will pop-up stating that this rule will apply to all messages. Press “Yes” to indicate that that is correct.

7. Select the action “display a Desktop Alert”.

8. Press Finish to complete the rule.

9. Move the “display a Desktop Alert” rule all the way to the top so it is above the other rules that you have created.

That’s all you need to do. This one new rule will then show a new mail notification whenever an email is received, no matter which folder it is being sent to.

Image Credit: Encryptomatic Support