Did you know that there are many Facebook shortcut keys that you can use on their website to enhance your experience and get your tasks performed a lot quicker? I have used Facebook shortcut keys for a while now and it got me thinking the other day about how many regular people would use them or even know of their existence. Check these out and let us know if they are useful or if you find any other ones.

Facebook Shortcut Keys

Before we begin I’ll have to warn you that some of the Facebook shortcut keys will be slightly different depending on the web browser that you use. I’ll try to point out any differences that I find.

In addition to this, the keys listed are for use on Windows. If you are using a Mac then instead of using Alt use Alt+Ctrl.

New Message – Alt + M

In Chrome and Firefox this shortcut will open a new message window. Just type your recipient(s), your message and press send. This saves you from having to go onto someone’s profile to send a message or having to go through the Messages option on the left. Sadly, we can’t get this shortcut to work in Internet Explorer.

Search Box – Alt + ?

To place the cursor into the search box at the top of Facebook just use the shortcut key above. You can then easily enter the friend, page or group that you want to search for.

Home Page – Alt + 1

No matter which page you are currently viewing, pressing the above shortcut keys will take you back to your Facebook home page. In Firefox you’ll need to use Shift + Alt + 1. In Internet Explorer you’ll need to press enter after pressing the combination of keys. This will also apply for the other Alt + Number shortcuts below.

Your Profile – Alt + 2

Just like the above, using this shortcut will take you straight to your own profile page. If using Firefox you’ll also need to use the Shift key to get the shortcut to work.

Friend Requests – Alt + 3

If you have any pending friend requests you can use the above shortcut to see who is requesting to be your friend.

Messages – Alt + 4

To bring up your Messages screen without having to navigate around using the mouse, use the Alt + 4 shortcut.

Notifications – Alt + 5

This is one of the Facebook shortcut keys that I use the most often. Pressing this will open up your notifications.

Settings – Alt + 6

To change any of your Facebook settings, use the above shortcut key.

Privacy Alt + 7

Wanting to change your privacy settings to limit who can see which parts of your profile? Simple, just use this shortcut key combination.

About – Alt + 8

This shortcut key will take you to Facebook’s own Facebook page.

Terms & Policies – Alt + 9

To view Facebook’s terms and policies use the above shortcut.

Help – Alt + 0

This shortcut will take you to Facebook’s help screen, so you can troubleshoot any issues that you are having or find out more information on features unfamiliar to you.

Simplifying Facebook Shortcut Keys In Firefox

As you’ll have seen above, within Facebook in Firefox you’ll often need to add the Shift key into the shortcuts that you use. You do have an option to change this so that you don’t need to use that Shift key, therefore making the shortcuts a little bit more simple like they are in Chrome. To do this, just follow the below steps.

  1. In Firefox, click into your address bar and enter “about:config” without the quotes.
  2. Click the option for “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
  3. Find the “ui.key.contentAccess” option and change its value to 4.

Easy as that, plus it shouldn’t cause any issues.

Image Credit: Charis Tsevis