I’ve heard of many people who buy a new Apple computer, such as an iMac, and struggle for ages to find a way to eject the CD that they have inserted. This quick tip will tell you how to eject that CD as well as detailing some steps to eject CD’s in a few alternate ways.

Use The Eject Key

On the iMac keyboard there is an eject key to the right of the F12 key. Hold this key down and your CD will eject. Nice and easy.

Eject Through Finder/Desktop

If you have the CD listed on the desktop or in Finder then you can right click (or ctrl+click) and select the “Eject” option.

Drag To Trash

Drag the CD icon from the desktop to the trash. This will eject the CD.

Eject While Booting

To eject the CD while OSX is booting just press the power button to turn the iMac on and click the mouse button/trackpad down while booting until the CD ejects.

Image Credit: Canned Muffins